Social Media Downloaders

Downloads from Social Media or File Exchange Portals can be operated by a number of users with dedicated role based usage rights. Users can be organized in groups.

The base license includes 10 download users.

User Licenses Calculation & Payment

Please select this option if you need more than the basic 10 downloader user licenses.

Produce & Archive - Social Ingest Module


one-time configuration fee

Base Price € 100.00
  • Users

    • User Licenses Calculation & Payment:
    • Number Download User Licenses:
  • Downloads

    • Download Volume Calculation & Payment:
    • Download Volume:
Net price € 100.00
Payment: Wire transfer € 0.00
Plus 19% tax € 19.00
Gross Total € 119.00

Recurring Price

Base Price € 150.00
  • Users

    • User Licenses Calculation & Payment:
    • Number Download User Licenses:
  • Downloads

    • Download Volume Calculation & Payment:
    • Download Volume:
Net price € 150.00
Plus 19% tax € 28.50
Gross Total € 178.50

Social Ingest is a plugin module to Deliver & S2B. It adds the Woody Social based download & ingest client as alternative upload method. Social allows client-side remote search on social media website, clip and metadata previewing, metadata downlaod and editing.

Woody Social transforms media search and ingest across all social networks. Never miss another trend!

Designed for journalists to research Social Media for the content of interest and professionally download and ingest the video & metadata into production environments.

Content comes to social networks first. Get it on-air, faster than ever!

  • Search photos and videos across different social networks in a harmonized user interface.
  • Use advanced criteria to locate and identify the relevant content from Twitter, YouTube and many more networks on the same web page.
  • Instantly view trending topics, not to missing any event.
    Be made aware of what happens, and get the last published content related to an event.
  • Preview and select content before ingest. Drag and drop items to your cart to process them at the same time and organize them in the production environment.
  • Make it available in your production environment in one click!
    Woody Social Ingest handles downloading, transcoding and publishing of the source content within your Media Asset Management system.


Websites for unified search

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo

Supported websites for URL ingest

  • BuzzFeed
  • dailymotion
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • GoogleDrive
  • IMDB
  • Instagram
  • periscope
  • Rutube
  • TMZ
  • Twitter
  • ustream
  • Vimeo
  • youku
  • Youtube


The pricing model of Deliver & S2B - Social Ingest Module is composed from the following elements:

one-time fees

  • configuration fee = 100,00 €
    provisioning and configuring your ingest pipeline according to your needs

monthly fees

  • monthly platform availability fee (1) = 300,00 €
    keeping your environment available independently from any usage, incl. 10 download users
  • monthly ingest users fee (1) = 15,00 €
    additional named download users


1) Monthly base fee includes 10 download users.

2) Agreed number of download users will be invoiced monthly in advance. Additional download users will be invoiced by end of each month.