What is x-dream-Fabrik?

The x-dream-Fabrik is our Hosted Services Platform. It is provided as hosted, pre-integrated, pre-configured, managed software solution. x-dream-Fabrik is addressing two distinct operational modes: full automation and human-driven media asset management with media processing automation.

Order Portal and Product Configurator

Automatic Processing Plattform

Pr logo thumbChained Process - conditional workflows to drive transcoding, QC & more - details & ordering

Media Asset Management Plattform

Pr logo thumbProduce - distributed & collaborative post-production solution

Pr logo thumbArchive - remote or hybrid archive asset management solution

FE logo thumbFile Exchange - bi-directional media exchange - details & ordering

Pr logo thumbDeliver - essence + metadata aggregation & delivery solution - details & ordering

S2B logo thumbSales 2 Business - content presentation & monetization shop - details & ordering

What customers is x-dream-Fabrik addressing?

The x-dream-Fabrik addresses the following customer types:

  • studio production facilities
  • post-production facilities
  • broadcasters
  • archives
  • agencies
  • publisher

What business cases is x-dream-Fabrik addressing?

The x-dream-Fabrik addresses the following segments within the media creation and monetizing chain:

  • (distributed) content production and post-production
  • content archive management
  • content exchange logistics
  • content B2B sales
  • content B2C publishing preparation

What business processes is x-dream-Fabrik addressing?

In contrast to existing SaaS offerings, the x-dream-Fabrik is not limiting the customers to carry out one or a few media processing operations BUT strives for providing an end-2-end experience in managing business processes as the ultimate goal. The term business process shall be understood as an economical value creation chain and not as a technical process only. This means x-dream-Fabrik is perspectival not limited to media processing and managing.

x-dream-Fabrik provides the following service layers:

  • The base layer provides video, audio, subtitle, picture essence file, metadata, and other document file processing.
  • Above the base layer, the integration and workflow automation layer implements technical media handling processing chains or even end-2-end processes.
  • The integration and workflow automation layer again are overlaid by the media asset management layer. It addresses the needs of operational staff in generating, utilizing and monetizing media assets.
  • The business process management layer can sit on top of the media asset management layer. It targets the needs of media business management staff in creating and monetizing media assets.

What services is x-dream-Fabrik offering initially?

The x-dream-Fabrik is offering the following services at launch time:

Processing layer:

  • Transcoding
  • Quality Control

Workflow layer:

  • Automation
  • Basic Transport

Media Asset Management layer:

  • Remote Upload
  • Remote Ingest
  • Remote Editing
  • Picture Picking
  • Metadata Editing
  • Review & Approval
  • Basic Download